Bmg’s workforce of approximately 75 dedicated employees works within an environment that promotes corporate values of respect, teamwork, performance, accountability and initiative. Bmg is looking for ambitious, talented and motivated individuals to join our team.


Whether you are an experienced professional or are just starting your career, bmg is dedicated to helping you realize your full potential and career aspirations. From mentorship and training programs to leadership development, you’ll receive everything you need to succeed.

bmg building

bmg. GLASS + ALUMININ INC. believes in creating an inclusive  work environment that helps bring different and exciting perspectives to everyday challenges. Today’s talent is more diverse than ever before, and we are proud to partner with Canadian new comers in the course of our day-to-day work activities. bmg strongly believes that the key to innovating, developing, and ultimately retaining talent is creating an inclusive environment, where all individuals feel comfortable to contribute.  Every day bmg strives to create an environment where all employees feel valued and included, and are equipped with the tools to be able to nurture their talent as individuals and as part of a collaborative team.




The following positions make up the bulk of bmg’s regular workforce:

Drafting and Design


Utilizing drafting and design programs such as AutoCAD, the bmg Drafting and Design department is responsible for the development and preparation of all bmg design details and shop drawings.


Liaising with Project Managers, General Contractors and Architects, this department prepares all the necessary design documents based on the outlined customer specifications to ensure timely and accurate construction and fabrication of our projects.


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Project Managers


Bmg Project Managers participate in the complete development of all assigned construction projects and oversee their organization, scheduling, and implementation. A major aspect of the role is controlling costs on job sites, which includes the efficient use of labour, equipment and materials to ensure projects remain on time and on budget.


Project Managers must develop trusting relationships with general contractors, builders, sub-contractors, and all other stakeholders within the projects’ scope to ensure customer satisfaction and repeat business.


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Project Coordinators


Project Coordinators are tasked with supporting bmg Project Managers on all assigned projects. Project Coordinators are responsible for coordinating activities throughout a projects’ lifecycle, including the allocation of adequate resources, material, manpower scheduling, safety documentation, and other factors necessary for successful project completion within their respective timelines.


Project Coordinators are all tasked with optimizing vendors for materials, equipment, supplies and then evaluating cost and quality of goods or services to suit the project needs.


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Estimators are responsible for providing full-cost estimations for all bmg Projects.


Estimators liaise with various external stakeholders as well as internal staff, including Project Managers, and the Director of Operations to consider potential job complexities that effect the final quotations to our customers. Accurate pricing that fairly reflects the current marketplace valuations are necessary to ensure value both for bmg and our clients.


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Logistics Personnel


Bmg’s Logistics personnel provides support to overall business operations, primarily coordinating incoming and outgoing transportation of raw materials, supplies and finished products.


Logistics will purchase goods and services that meet the quality requirements and specifications for bmg projects at the most favorable price. These personnel also handle the coordination of all bmg’s transportation and installation fleet.


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Glaziers – Window Installers


Bmg Glaziers are responsible for the safe and efficient installation of pre-fabricated aluminum and glass for our full range of products including all the commercial and industrial systems both internal and external to the buildings.


Bmg Glaziers are also charged with reading and interpreting shop drawings, architectural drawings, and other design blueprints and project specifications and to help coordinate specific details on site to integrating with adjacent materials and other subtrades.


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Aluminum Fabricators


Bmg’s Fabricators are continually challenged by creating new and modern designs conceptualized by Architects.


Working in a safe and efficient manner, our fabricators are responsible for ultimately delivering a high-quality product to satisfy bmg’s customers and do so by cutting, fitting, customizing, and assembling aluminum framework based on outlined shop and release drawings generated by bmg’s Drafting and Design department. We utilize a complete range of CNC machining, automated saws, copy routers, punch presses etc.


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Showers Installers


Historically bmg has had a large commercial and institutional focus, but we have experienced a great deal of success within our growing residential division.


Bmg’s Residential Installers are responsible for the safe and timely installation of all residential showers, railings and mirrors. bmg. provides its customers with custom frameless glass shower enclosures and custom glass and aluminum railings systems. Our expert team of installers have the ability to teach and groom new hires on proper installation techniques for all systems. Our products are manufactured, assembled and installed to the highest standards ensuring complete satisfaction for the discerning home and cottage owner or custom home builder. Year-over-year we experience increasing demand for our custom shower and railings products, and we are continually looking for hardworking, and skilled individuals to help bmg address these demands.


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Shop Assistants


Bmg Shop Assistant’s responsibilities include but are not limited to assisting with assembling, packaging, and offloading of bmg’s products/materials and perform any other labour related activities within the bmg plant.


Our Shop Assistants are also charged with pick-up and delivery of materials in support of bmg’s fleet, and all general shop maintenance including maintaining a clean and safe working environment.


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Accounting Personnel


The Accounting Department is responsible for managing the financial operations of bmg. and controls the flow of accounts payable and receivable cash in and out of the organization.


Various accounting activities occur within bmg. including budgeting, forecasting, accounts payable/receivables, preparation of various financial reports and overall ownership of controls with respect to financial policies, processes and procedures.



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