Interior Glazing

Many of our projects have an interior glazing component. Whether its fire rated glass, glazing to wood and hollow metal doors or PC 350 systems, smoke baffles, large format mirrors, railings and all other interior glass, bmg procures and installs it all.

Fire Rated Glass

Fire rated glass primarily takes two forms: classic Georgian Wire and the recently trending Firelite glass. Required as a component for glazed fire rated partitions within a building, this glass comes in a variety of ratings depending on the specification.


Bmg has strong relationships with the major fire rated glass suppliers as well as fire rated aluminum suppliers. Rated aluminum systems are becoming slightly more common as designers refuse to settle for steel looking doors and windows when the aluminum aesthetic is preferred.


Smoke Baffles

In atrium, mezzanine and balcony-type scenarios, smoke baffles are usually a code requirement to help achieve the multi-level open spaces that the design demands.


Smoke baffles are often glass and either aluminum or steel shoes that combine to effect an acceptable baffle to control smoke in the event of fire. Bmg will design and supply any glazed baffle system envisioned by the Architect and Client.


Speciality Applications

Many projects have specialty applications as part of their design: glass stairs, glass for millwork or display cabinets, glass signs, back-painted glass, etc.


Bmg can source whatever specialty glass or aluminum products that have been selected by the Designers.

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