bmg. GLASS + ALUMINUMIN INC. is a full-service glazing and aluminum operation offering high quality and timely installations of curtain wall, store fronts, window walls, punched/fixed windows, entry systems, automatic doors/operators, interior glazing, glass balustrades, custom residential showers, auto/special heavy equipment, specialty and custom jobs. bmg.’s workforce of approximately 75 dedicated employees works within an environment that promotes corporate values of respect, teamwork, performance, accountability and initiative. bmg. is looking for ambitious, talented and motivated individuals to join its team.


Job Responsibilities

  • Must comply with the Occupational Health and Safety Act and the bmg. Health and Safety policies and procedures, wearing appropriate personal protective equipment on job sites and warehouse.
  • Reads and interprets blueprints and specifications to determine type and thickness of glass, frame, installation procedures and materials required.
  • Installs pre-assembled framework for windows or doors designed to be fitted with glass panels.
  • Install, fit, fabricate on job sites and attach architectural metals or related substitute products in commercial buildings
  • Sets glass doors into frame and bolts metal hinges, handles, locks, and other hardware onto glass doors.
  • Attaches mounting strips and moldings to surface and secures product in position.
  • Attaches backing and leveling devices to wall surface, using nails and screws, and cuts mounting strips and moldings to required lengths.
  • Repair and service commercial windows, commercial aluminum doors and other glass supporting structures and replace damaged glass or faulty sealant.
  • Operates various equipment including zoom/boom truck, table saw, grinders, drills and various power tools.
  • Responsible in completing daily inspection equipment, tools log sheet prior to using equipment.
  • Responsible for keeping work area clean and neat.
  • Performs other duties and/or projects as assigned.


Work Requirements

  • Ability to travel is a mandatory work requirement, as installers can be away for extended periods of time. Various premiums associated with travel.
  • Previous Fabrication, Installation experience is an asset.
  • Glass cutting experience is an asset
  • Good working knowledge of glass, framework, curtain wall installation
  • Able to read and interpret blueprints is an asset
  • Ability to caulk would be considered a significant asset



  • Working at Heights protection
  • Elevated Platform
  • Certified Zoom/Scissor operator


To apply to this opportunity please email your resume and cover letter to