‘Storefront’ is the glazing industry’s term for a type of aluminum system commonly found in commercial retail and office applications. They are economical and durable and fully customizable. They often include ‘automatics’ to control door access and provide fully accessible entrances. Automatics can be as simple as a barrier-free push button and swing door operator to as complex as a fully integrated revolving door system complete with biometrics & facial recognition high level security software.


The design of the automatics is usually based on accessibility as well as the intended user group. The primary forms of automation for storefronts results in swing doors (for barrier-free usage in lower/mid traffic areas of a building) or sliding automatic doors. Sliding automatics can come in many forms such as: single slide, double slide, biparting, folding and many more. Bmg supplies and installs all forms of automatic entrances.

The most efficient and complex of systems results in a revolving door system whereby exterior air and interior air are never in continuous contact.


These systems can be a simple continuous spin all day long or can be integrated with the world’s most unique and strategic security software and recognition programs.

storefront glass
store front
storefront glass

Commercial & Institutional Services

Bmg isn’t just about residential glass installations. We offer a wide range of commercial, industrial and railing system products to make sure that whatever you need, we have.

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